Battle of the sports brands. Selena Vs Ariana.

It literally is a battle arena in the sneaker market at the moment. Using influential celebrities seems to be the new marketing stratergy to target millions of people with just the click of an instagram post.

The already strong puma family is now to expand with Selena Gomez as its newly adopted ambassador. She’s got some pretty influential co-family with the likes of Rihanna, the Weeknd and Kylie Jenner already been signed, but lets not forget Selena is the most followed human on the planet.

This news comes just after the signing of Ariana Grande to Reebok. Could we be witnessing a hot battle between sneaker and sportswear superbrands ?? Shits about to get real ..

Reebok to recreate Rihanna Puma success with Ariana Grande.

Its no surprise that celebrity endorsement is a powerful entity for business, but with the recent sucsesses of Rihanna and Puma, sport brands are freaking out to grab the most influential talents around the world to not only represent the brands, but also to create full collections, most succsessfilly sneakers. 

Joining Gigi Hadid and Amber Rose as the brand’s top women advocates, the deal is said to last for 12 months. Details of the contract are scarce, however, possible collaborations on clothing and footwear are suggested to arise, especially due to the success of other celebrity partnerships such as adidas with Kanye West