A simple favour, the hybrid that sets the standard.



With its saucy French music and suburban American comfort. “A simple Favour” directed by Paul Feig is truly a gem. The perfect fusion of thriller and comedy, yes comedy, that keeps your eyes glued to the screens and a smirk on your face.

The casting was a dream, I mean seriously. Blake lively plays Emily, a mysterious predator in a high profile job, every outfit, whisper and strand of hair is perfect. This alone build’s suspense. Anna kendrick plays Stephanie, a perfect opportunity for her as an actress to show more of her talent.

The twists and turn’s of the plot are like escalators through a pretty department store, its like a full blown murder mystery, if it were on a vegan diet with a strong martini in hand. Its sexy, captivating, clever and funny! and has set the way for a new hybrid of entertainment that is rarely directed well.

Paul Feig is somewhat a creative genius in combining a story with substance and intertwining humour throughout. Never over the top, always subtly jabbing you, edging you towards a giggle. Its not trash comedy, its not full fat comedy, its that kind of comedy that makes your think of your best of friends and the mischief you get up to.

We rate this movie 7/10

The official trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody” is here, and we are buzzed.

Following an official teaser from back in May, 20th Century Fox shares a new trailer for its upcoming Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic, aptly titled Bohemian Rhapsody. The film finds 37-year-old American actor Rami Malek playing one of the most beloved entertainers ever in Freddie Mercury.

Watch the full trailer here: