Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On Gigi Hadid With Groupies? — Report

This is NOT cool. A shocking new report claims that Zayn Malik has been cheating on Gigi Hadid with a fan, claiming that they have secret hook ups whenever he’s in NYC. Yikes.

Could this be the real cause of their previous break up and make ups? Sadly, it is being report that Zayn, 23, has a fan that lives in New York City that he “regularly” hooks up with behind his girlfriend, 21-year-old Gigi‘s, back. Please say it isn’t so!


“Zayn has a regular hookup in New York City,” a source close to the singer told Star magazine’sAugust 15 issue. “He met her at one of his shows a while back. He sneaks her into his hotel room or they meet up at a rented apartments with private entries.” Ugh, this is so upsetting to hear. We want ZiGi to last!

However, the report claims that Zayn’s secret hookups should come as “no surprise” to poor Gigi. “Zayn has no intention of settling down,” a source further explains. “There are plenty of signs, but maybe Gigi doesn’t care.”


On the year’s biggest edition, Delevingne is an actress, not model.

Cara Delevingne covers British Vogue’s September edition once again. This issue marks the model-turned-actress’ fourth solo outing and fifth cover since March 2013. With Suicide Squad‘s release on the horizon, she opened up: “I act for love. I give it my all. I would probably still do it even if I wasn’t paid at all.” But Delevingne is quick to address gender pay discrimination:

“But in terms of equal pay I need to be paid the same as the guy who has equal billing with me. Otherwise I won’t do it because if you accept less, you’re just letting everyone else down and continuing the cycle.”
The Mario Testino-lensed feature also hears about her relationship with St. Vincent – there’s been rumors about an engagement and this admission holds a significant weight:

“I’m completely in love…Before, I didn’t know what love was – real love. I didn’t understand the depth of it. I always used to think it was you against the world. Now I know the meaning of life is love. Whether that’s for yourself or for the world or your partner.”
Vogue UK’s September issue hits stands on August 4.

HILARIOUS Kardashian/West And Taylor Swift Drama As Told By “Mean Girls”

“I wish we could all get along like we used to in early 2009… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” – Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA after party.


Meet Kady, Janis, and Damian. They united to take down the queen of their school.

This is the queen. Her name is Regina Swift. Oops, I mean Regina George.

Damian used to know Regina really well.

Here’s what Regina’s friend Bethany Byrd says about her:

This is Regina with her squad. They’re called the Plastics.

Here’s a pin-board from Regina’s room:

Here you can see the two having a phone conversation in which he told her about a song he had written.

But Regina claims that convo never happened.

This made Aaron and his girlfriend Kady really sad.

So Kady had to go and find the receipts.

“Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George”


Some husbands get irritated by their wives constantly snapping at them — but not Kanye West.

The rapper praised Kim Kardashian’s social media skills on Wednesday night after appearing on stage at a Drake concert in Chicago.

‘All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat,’ he told the uproarious crowd in his hometown.


— Kanye West

”Cause now y’all can know the truth,’ he added. ‘And can’t nobody talk sh*t about Ye no more!’

The crowd then emphatically joined him as he belted out the now infamous couplet from his track Famous: ‘For all my Southside n***as that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.’

It was the lyric that kicked off the most intriguing chapter of the Kanye West V Taylor Swift feud to date; when the singer blasted the rapper for using her name in the song.

The tables swiftly turned however during the ‘#KimExplosedTaylorParty’ when the reality star shared a video of a phonecall between the two musicians in which Taylor clearly gives a very respectful and grateful Kanye her blessing — even describing their hypothetical copulation as ‘a compliment’.



She correctly predicts the media hype around the lyric, and laughs about how the ‘joke will be on them’ when she reveals she was ‘in on it the whole time’.

After the fallout, the 26-year-old claimed it was being referred as ‘that b*tch’ was her point of contention.

The pair have a long history of pop culture moments stretching back to 2009, when Kanye invaded the stage during Taylor’s MTV VMA acceptance speech for Best Female Video, telling her ‘Imma let you finish’, but insisting Beyonce should have won the award.