Diversity at an all time high in the fashion industry.

As the hectic fashion week cycle came to an end. It became apparent that new and exciting paths are been forged for creatives all around the world. The fashion industry is often considered the connecting industry, that connects the creative industries together.  For this reason, it is often looked upon for guidance and inspiration. This fashion week cycle showed that diversity is at the forefront of the minds of the powers that be behind the major brands and labels. The change, most evident at New York Fashion Week, here was representation of almost every color, as well as many sizes, ages and identities throughout the season.

But what was noticeable, was this diversity didn’t reach the front rows of the shows, showing that although this world stage offers a great chance to lead by example, the people funding and pushing this mega industry remain exactly the same. Although there’s been a huge improvement when it comes to diversity on the runway, it is time that the importance of representation is considered across all divisions and realms of fashion.

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