Introducing Hannah Jane Lewis. Pops latest sugar rush.

The shiny new British pop singer, who is sweet like candy and ready to give you your sugar rush. Hannah represents all that is pop, taking inspiration from a range of artists, she is building her foundations ready to pounce on the charts. With a few catchy tracks under her belt, and some impressive streaming figures, we met up with Hannah at her Sundown Festival debut on the main stage, and sat down and had a little chat.


Truffle – How was your set, did you enjoy performing on the main stage?

Hannah – Yes it was so much fun, and the weather was so great too. It was amazing to have so many people here supporting me!

Truffle – You said you were looking forward to meeting Shawn Mendez later, are you a big fan?

Hannah – I LOVE him so much, I feel I am more excited to meet him than perform myself, just kidding, I loved performing, but I love Shawn Mendez too.


Truffle – Your band were great, and there was such a beautiful energy

Hannah – Yes I have a great band, Matias plays the guitar and Chris plays the pads.


Truffle – Is performing your favourite part of being an artist?

Hannah – Yes I come from a musical theatre background so I just love being on stage and dancing, that feels like home to me. I grew up in Florida, and I moved to NY.


Truffle – Would you ever consider going into musical theatre?

Hannah – One day maybe in many many years. Its been a great foundation, and I don’t get nervous on stage


Truffle – What would you love to cover in the BBC live lounge?

Hannah – I would love to cover “Better Now” by Post Malone, I feel that would be cool. I would love to cover Spice Girls song too!

Truffle – Who is your go to artist to listen too?

Hannah – I love pure pop, and my stuff is super pop. So I am a huge fan off Katy Perry, I think teenage dream is the best song ever.


Truffle – What are your plans for the future of your money ?

Hanna-  as I am the beginning I just want to do as much as possible, reach more people and see where things take me, I am realising an EP at the end of this year. Then an album and a tour.


Truffle – Do you focus on your Spotify stats?

Hannah – I try not to, you have to focus on over things. But the first week a song comes out, artists have access to a little app from Spotify that gives you live updates. Shows when everyone is listening, and I know every artists is just looking at the stats. Spotify is great, and so important for new artists and my last single “Frozen Frames” just hit 1M streams, so I am very happy.


Truffle – What has been your fav performance of you career so far?

Hannah – I had the chance to support Rita Ora recently which was an amazing experience , I might be supporting more people, its in the works. I am hoping to have a headline show in London in the Autumn.


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