The 50 highest paid musicians of 2018 only include 7 females.

Each year, Billboard, like Forbes magazine, release a list of the highest earning musicians, rappers and pop stars. The list is a round up of the top 50, this year, less than 15% are female, highlighting the gender pay gap even reaches the lives of the rich and famous.

The women who appear on the list include Lady Gaga (appearing on the roster at #6 with $29.7 million USD), Céline Dion (#26 with $16.18m USD), Britney Spears (#30 with $14.1m USD), Faith Hill (#36 with $12.5m USD), Ariana Grande (#42 with $11.36m USD), Janet Jackson (#43 with $11.34m USD) and Taylor Swift (#48 with $9.3m USD). Sitting at the top spot on the list is U2, clocking in with a staggering $54.4m USD.

Its still refreshing to see females within the industry demand rightfully equal payments, just last month the band HAIM, made up of 3 sister’s, fired their manager on the spot, when they found out the their male counterparts performing at the same festival got payed x10.



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