Kylie Jenner talks about her $900 Million USD fortune with Forbes Magazine.

This week, Forbes and the Kardashian/Jenner’s revealed the news that the clans youngest Kylie, was worth and estimated whopping $900 Million USD with her brand “Kylie Cosmetics” making the cover of Forbes “American Women Billionaires” issue.

Congratulations is of course in order, but lets not forget the power of her commerce influence, coupled with the upfront investment she could secure simply because she was already very wealthy.

A friendly reminder to all the young and ambitions female entrepreneurs out there, there are multiple paths to success, each can’t be compared, but regardless of Kylie’s huge success, its surely tarnished by the easy route set up for her, and the lack of obstacles removed by her brand, and her Momager Kris Jenner.

Watch Kylie talk about her fortune here:

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