Trump. The art of the media.



I don’t know if you’ve asked the children in your life what they want to be lately, but maybe you should. When you ask about their aspirations compared to the usual responses of cowboys, superheroes and the fastest driver in the world, you are now much more likely to get answers such as Social media influencer, makeup guru and youtube sensation.

The world nowadays is a social media maze where businesses, supermarkets and presidents alike all take part In this never ending internet feud we’ve bizarrely come to live with. If you own a Tv and have some sort of social media account there is no doubt you will have heard the notorious name that is the Kardashians. Social media power couple Kim and Kanye West have a certain talent when it comes to attracting just about every media platform there is, Kanye gave us controversial tweets about how to run America to Kims Prison reform ideas, this celebrity couple are definitely biting off more than they can chew when it comes to American Politics.
Talking of American Politics, Tv show boss and businessman Donald Trump is by far the most interesting President to see the insides of the White House and here is why.

The celebrity Apprentice boss went from starting up a business with his father’s money, owning hotels and casinos, jetting round the world marrying European models, starring in a show about starting up businesses, to somehow being the leader and possibly the most powerful man in the free world, with little to no political experience Mr Donald Trump is a prime example of the sheer powers social media can have over not just a country but the world.

In the 21st Century you’d imagine someone dynamic, inspirational and eager for change sat in the Oval Office however due to social media the man sat in the office currently is someone who has been charged for multiple harassment, misogynistic views, racist comments and just about every homophobic insult there is in the book, but really I’m not here to complain and nor should anyone be, Donald trump has followed through on almost every promise he made in his election campaign, socially acceptable or not and that is a rarity, but if I take you back a few years you definitely wouldn’t be used to seeing celebrities In meetings with Mr President about how to run the country.

In the recent years Celebrities have used every platform they could to voice their social, ethical and political views from Oscar speeches to social media outcries, celebrities around the globe are giving their input. A study found that more than half of teens are more likely to smoke, drink or do drugs if they see a Celebrity influence doing it. Trends in clothes, make up, music and every aspect of society can change based on one song, one item of clothing or one makeup product worn by a certain celebrity so what’s to say they can’t influence something bigger like the running of the country.

Since Donald Trump got into power there have been huge marches on Washington containing some of the biggest influences of all, Anti-Gun marches, pride Marches, who controls America marches and even get rid of the president marches but despite all this, the power social media can have can often be irreversible. My point is that celebrities have so much more power than people realise, people take sides and base their decisions on those of celebrities without even realising, within the most recent presidential campaign Hillary Clinton had all the boxes ticked from Katy Perry to Lebron James and from Beyonce to Tyler Oakley she had them all posting and tweeting and singing and even despite this Donald Trump’s election was more powerful, backed by the National Rifle Association the President was still able to get the majority and thats whats scary. According to Pew Research Centre reports “ social media users say they are worn out by the politics they see on their feed”. This means that not only are people opinions being swayed by celebrity views online but they are also getting smothered with information and opinions by some of the biggest names at the moment and conforming to what they read without even having a balanced view.

Recently we’ve seen Donald Trump have meetings with various celebrities, commenting on their tweets and posing for pictures online, Trump had Kim Kardashian, the make up, reality tv, social media star in the White House talking about a woman who was in prison at the time and how they could change her punishment and one could argue is Trump using social media stars to gain a stronger following and wider reach? Honestly who knows, we can’t possibly know the whys and hows behind what happens and what’s happening in the White House, we can only assume and maybe thats a good thing. The media, the celebrities and the politicians can do what they want but as long as the public stays united and you stick to your views and your ideas and your opinions we won’t get lost in this social media maze, were stronger than that, we have to be.

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