Stefflon Don’s sold out London show was a knockout.



Stefflon Don performed in London last night, at the sold out O2 Kentish Town arena, to a crowd of die hard “Don’s”. This performance was more than just a headline set of hit’s from Stephanie, but a stamp on the capital that she is here to dominate, and dominate she will.

Although hugely successful, her record “16 Shots” I believe is still one of the most under hyped songs in recent times, not only is it perfectly structured and transparent, it places Stephanie’s talent on a bar higher than her female counterparts. I believe, in time, this song will have a reprise, becoming somewhat of an anthem for the Don, and forever the face of her brand.

The reason I start with “16 shots” its the song that turned the audience in the o2 forum into a crazy mosh, raising the energy level’s to new heights, and proving that a smaller venue with true die hard fans can emulate more passion and energy than a huge stadium with passive fans.

A highlight of the show was the performance of “Cigarette” where Stephanie was joined by Mabel and Raye! They simply smashed it, highlighting just how exciting the coming months and years will be for the record label Polydor, with their 3 fierce and talented young ladies, smashing the charts and raising the standards.

After a crazy few months for the rapper, myself along with the crowd felt a sense of pride, to get a chance to enjoy the gig in a somewhat intimate environment, as most probably it will be the last chance as Stefflon Don is en route to the top of the top and the stages will get bigger and bigger, but we know, as genuine as she is, she won’t forget the support of the Don’s.

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