Nicki Minaj congratulates Cardi B on No1 success


Tweets are coming in left right an centre supporting Cardi B on the success of her first number 1 record, and record breaking rise to the top of the rap and hip hop charts. The wave has rised slowly launching Cardi to new levels of fame. Celebs and artists world wide are jumping to get a piece of the pie, and im sure Cardi’s managment is trying to keep up with the demand. 

But one thing for sure, there will be no beef between Cardi and Nicki. For a while now, the industry has been expecting some sort of rivalry to form. In rap history, record lables love to offfer incentives to artists to form fake arguments to boost their record sales, but it seems this time they are choosing to keep it all calm. Lets just hope that Cardi can maintain her succsess moving forward as we patiently wait for new music. 

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