Kim Kardashian is saturating her influence faster than you can say money.

Kim shared out on her socials a tag to a new account @kkwfragrance confirming that the rumours are true, shes now making perfume. Can we be supprised? she has made everything from fidget spinners, coffee table books, clothes and cosmetics, to USB sticks, ash trays and lighters. 

As much as we love Kim, how much more items can she relase. As the novelty slowly wears off, it makes us wonder if Kim is slowly saturating her fame to make as much money as quickly as she can, money is great, but maintaing a brand is also imporatant. 

In recent years she has promoted so many products, apps and items that we really just dont give a shit anymore. 

She has multiple cosmetics, childrens wear, hair prodcusts, lifestyle apps, gaming apps, books and now lets just add multiple fragrances into the mix. 

Kim … We are bored! 


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