Diversity at an all time high in the fashion industry.

As the hectic fashion week cycle came to an end. It became apparent that new and exciting paths are been forged for creatives all around the world. The fashion industry is often considered the connecting industry, that connects the creative industries together.  For this reason, it is often looked upon for guidance and inspiration. This fashion week cycle showed that diversity is at the forefront of the minds of the powers that be behind the major brands and labels. The change, most evident at New York Fashion Week, here was representation of almost every color, as well as many sizes, ages and identities throughout the season.

But what was noticeable, was this diversity didn’t reach the front rows of the shows, showing that although this world stage offers a great chance to lead by example, the people funding and pushing this mega industry remain exactly the same. Although there’s been a huge improvement when it comes to diversity on the runway, it is time that the importance of representation is considered across all divisions and realms of fashion.

Lady Gaga surpasses Cardi B as the best-selling female artist.

Following the release of the “A Star Is Born” soundtrack, Lady Gaga has surpassed fellow New Yorker Cardi B as the best selling female artist. Cardi B dropped her album “Invasion Of Privacy” to critical acclaim earlier on this year.

Lady Gaga proving she is a triple threat with her Oscar worthy acting perormance in “A Star Is Born” released the song shallow a few days ago, and it has already racked up 15,000,000 streams on Spotify alone!

A simple favour, the hybrid that sets the standard.



With its saucy French music and suburban American comfort. “A simple Favour” directed by Paul Feig is truly a gem. The perfect fusion of thriller and comedy, yes comedy, that keeps your eyes glued to the screens and a smirk on your face.

The casting was a dream, I mean seriously. Blake lively plays Emily, a mysterious predator in a high profile job, every outfit, whisper and strand of hair is perfect. This alone build’s suspense. Anna kendrick plays Stephanie, a perfect opportunity for her as an actress to show more of her talent.

The twists and turn’s of the plot are like escalators through a pretty department store, its like a full blown murder mystery, if it were on a vegan diet with a strong martini in hand. Its sexy, captivating, clever and funny! and has set the way for a new hybrid of entertainment that is rarely directed well.

Paul Feig is somewhat a creative genius in combining a story with substance and intertwining humour throughout. Never over the top, always subtly jabbing you, edging you towards a giggle. Its not trash comedy, its not full fat comedy, its that kind of comedy that makes your think of your best of friends and the mischief you get up to.

We rate this movie 7/10

Introducing Hannah Jane Lewis. Pops latest sugar rush.

The shiny new British pop singer, who is sweet like candy and ready to give you your sugar rush. Hannah represents all that is pop, taking inspiration from a range of artists, she is building her foundations ready to pounce on the charts. With a few catchy tracks under her belt, and some impressive streaming figures, we met up with Hannah at her Sundown Festival debut on the main stage, and sat down and had a little chat.


Truffle – How was your set, did you enjoy performing on the main stage?

Hannah – Yes it was so much fun, and the weather was so great too. It was amazing to have so many people here supporting me!

Truffle – You said you were looking forward to meeting Shawn Mendez later, are you a big fan?

Hannah – I LOVE him so much, I feel I am more excited to meet him than perform myself, just kidding, I loved performing, but I love Shawn Mendez too.


Truffle – Your band were great, and there was such a beautiful energy

Hannah – Yes I have a great band, Matias plays the guitar and Chris plays the pads.


Truffle – Is performing your favourite part of being an artist?

Hannah – Yes I come from a musical theatre background so I just love being on stage and dancing, that feels like home to me. I grew up in Florida, and I moved to NY.


Truffle – Would you ever consider going into musical theatre?

Hannah – One day maybe in many many years. Its been a great foundation, and I don’t get nervous on stage


Truffle – What would you love to cover in the BBC live lounge?

Hannah – I would love to cover “Better Now” by Post Malone, I feel that would be cool. I would love to cover Spice Girls song too!

Truffle – Who is your go to artist to listen too?

Hannah – I love pure pop, and my stuff is super pop. So I am a huge fan off Katy Perry, I think teenage dream is the best song ever.


Truffle – What are your plans for the future of your money ?

Hanna-  as I am the beginning I just want to do as much as possible, reach more people and see where things take me, I am realising an EP at the end of this year. Then an album and a tour.


Truffle – Do you focus on your Spotify stats?

Hannah – I try not to, you have to focus on over things. But the first week a song comes out, artists have access to a little app from Spotify that gives you live updates. Shows when everyone is listening, and I know every artists is just looking at the stats. Spotify is great, and so important for new artists and my last single “Frozen Frames” just hit 1M streams, so I am very happy.


Truffle – What has been your fav performance of you career so far?

Hannah – I had the chance to support Rita Ora recently which was an amazing experience , I might be supporting more people, its in the works. I am hoping to have a headline show in London in the Autumn.


Kylie Jenner launches third Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

“I can’t believe I’m about to 21!” says Kylie Jenner as she begins her trademark reveal of the Birthday Collection on her Instagram Story yesterday. “It’s definitely the most personal collection that I’ve done. I hope you guys love it. My birthday collections are super special to me, because the first collection I ever did was for my 19th birthday, so this is going to be my third annual birthday collection. My birthdays are kind of what set off collections for me.”

As the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister turns 21, she is now legally able to drink alcohol in the US and the theme of the new collection is based on just that. With brightly coloured packaging starring a blonde Kylie eating birthday cupcakes and lounging in a ball bit bath tub amongst balloons and streamers, a red cup print lines the boxes and an array of product names allude to her new legal status. The 21 shades in her ‘Sipping Pretty’ eye-shadow pallet have names such as ‘Mimosa’, ‘Pour Decisions, ‘Martini Mama’ and ‘On The List’. It is her largest ever eye shadow pallet, offering a variety of colours including a gorgeous, bright fuchsia pink that we’re sure to see all over our Instagram feeds in the coming weeks. The collection also includes a new golden powder highlighter named ‘Champagne Showers’, a birthday lip trio consisting of ‘The After Party’ (a bright tangerine shade), ‘Shots’ (an iridescent gold/red) and ‘Victoria’, a brick red, thought to be named after Kylie Jenner’s assistant. There are also three new lip kits, ‘Twenty One’, ‘Baddie’ and ‘Tipsy’, six matte lipsticks and a liquid eye shadow trio with shades ‘Eat Cake’, ‘Born To Sparkle’ and ‘Fine Wine’.

The collection is set to launch online on Kylie’s birthday, August 6th but fans were able to shop the collection exclusively at the Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop in the Westfield Century City shopping Mall in the LA area as of yesterday. Continuing the party theme, the pop-up shop featured a wall of red cups spelling out ‘Kylie’, ‘Kylie’ birthday balloons and a balloon ball pit. The Westfield pop up shop will remain open until August 18th.  Kylie recently spoke about her future plans to create a permanent physical store, wanting to give fans a ‘whole experience’. Having famously graced the most recent cover of Forbes Magazine, set to be the youngest self made billionaire, with her brain for business and influence on trends, it looks like this young lady is just getting started.  

How much are your favourite celebrities making from Instagram.

Kylie Jenner has been crowned the financial queen of Instagram, charging $1M for an Instagram, knocking her older sister Kim from the top of the list. Her social influence is extremely lucrative, and is unrelated to her $900M fortune built from her cosmetics line.

Sports influencer’s are on the rise, as Cristiano Ronaldo generates more Instagram value than Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. Influencer statistics are gathered taking into consideration, followers, engagement and the amount that celebrity posts.

Last year, Jenner was charging $400,000 per post, but has pushed that up to $1M following her social growth booming, following behind her is Selena Gomez, who is considered the worlds most famous female, and recently broke Beyonce record for the fastest image to reach 1,000,000 likes in just 13 minutes! Selena rakes in $800,000 per post on her Instagram page alone.

Here is the full list:

Kylie Jenner — $1,000,000 per post
Selena Gomez — $800,000 per post
Cristiano Ronaldo — $750,000 per post
Kim Kardashian — $720,000 per post
Beyoncé Knowles — $700,000 per post
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — $650,000 per post
Justin Bieber — $630,000 per post
Neymar — $600,000 per post
Lionel Messi — $500,000 per post
Kendall Jenner — $500,000 per post

Manhattan Fifth Avenue penthouse is on the market for $24 Million Dollars.

A new apartment has hit the market in New York, on Fifth Avenues tallest residential building, coming in at a whopping 24,000,000 USD. The apartment is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom condominium, designed by world renowned architecture Rafael Vinoly.

The 4,520-square-foot full-floor residence boasts a 75-foot private loggia with an spa, walk in wardrobes and a windowed master bathroom over looking Manhattan. 277 Fifth Avenue is a 55-story glass tower co-developed by Lendlease and Victor Group, located in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood, providing breathtaking views of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, the East and Hudson Rivers, Lower Manhattan, and beyond. The interior of the condominium is by Jeffrey Beers International.






The 50 highest paid musicians of 2018 only include 7 females.

Each year, Billboard, like Forbes magazine, release a list of the highest earning musicians, rappers and pop stars. The list is a round up of the top 50, this year, less than 15% are female, highlighting the gender pay gap even reaches the lives of the rich and famous.

The women who appear on the list include Lady Gaga (appearing on the roster at #6 with $29.7 million USD), Céline Dion (#26 with $16.18m USD), Britney Spears (#30 with $14.1m USD), Faith Hill (#36 with $12.5m USD), Ariana Grande (#42 with $11.36m USD), Janet Jackson (#43 with $11.34m USD) and Taylor Swift (#48 with $9.3m USD). Sitting at the top spot on the list is U2, clocking in with a staggering $54.4m USD.

Its still refreshing to see females within the industry demand rightfully equal payments, just last month the band HAIM, made up of 3 sister’s, fired their manager on the spot, when they found out the their male counterparts performing at the same festival got payed x10.



Fendi & Gucci crowned top brands in new report.

A few months ago, Balenciaga was holding the crown as the top brand in fashion. With heavy branding pushing the forefront of current trends, brands are cashing in and pushing branding, resulting in boosted sales. Gucci is now reigning, with a string of desirable accessories and sneakers work by younger clients, the brand now firmly holds the top spot. Items such as the Gucci GG belt, are worn in all areas of a fashionable lifestyle, with a confident empathises on the brands style, leaving consumers hoping to collect more of each collection that in previous years.



Following behind Gucci are Off-White™, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. Virgil Abloh‘s recently unveiled collaborations with RIMOWA and Converse exemplify how the brand has stayed in the number two slot while Clare Waight Keller‘s custom gown worn by Meghan Markle for the Royal Wedding boosted Givenchy to its number three spot.